Infrastructure investments often involve complex, large, and long-term undertakings. The risks inherent to the sector can be challenging and have far-reaching consequences for every stakeholder throughout the asset lifecycle.

If risk is not managed effectively, it can affect specific assets, capital structure, the organization's reputation, and the volatility of cash flows necessary to service fixed obligations and ensure yield over the period of the investment.

Key challenges:

  • Obtain a clear and in depth understanding of the project or asset risk profile in order to achieve optimum transfer of risk.
  • Understand whether risks are correctly allocated between project participants both on a forward basis and historically.
Marsh Infrastructure's global team of over 600 professionals has over 25 years of experience providing world-class risk advisory and transactional insurance services to the entire infrastructure sector. Marsh's services are tailored specifically to serve stakeholders infrastructure projects.

Our team understands the divergent risk tolerance of the public sector, equity investors, lenders and the construction sector. We assist clients to manage, reduce and mitigate risk in their projects and investments through preservation of asset value, reduced volatility of revenue streams, redeployment of capital, and confidence to achieve desired outcomes.