Employee Benefit

Our employee benefits teams managing health and life programs with focus and vigilance.

Our services include:

Sharing relevant market trends and implications for employee benefits program as per the company approach.

Strategy & Planning:

Provide detailed analysis for both costs and competitiveness of your programs. Evaluate plan design and financing approaches and ensuring alignment with your company objectives.

Design & Financing

Short listing and suggesting the most suitable provider based on our expertise and knowhow of the market.

Vendor Selection & Management

Negotiating terms on your behalf and holding providers accountable for commitments. Address and extend administrative support in managing employee expectations while making the experience favorable – a continuous process.

Administrations & Communication

Organizing opportunities for employees to understand the benefits by highlighting the efforts made by the organization making it sustainable and appreciable. Spreading word far and deep within the organization to all the stake holders – a key to avoiding and handling grievances.

We constantly help our clients in acquiring the best benefits at a competitive price while matching the vendor capabilities to cater to the customer needs. Some of the services offered but not restricted to are mentioned below, these include;

• Claims Servicing
• Proper Policy Documentation
• Endorsements
• Addition/Deletions
• Verification of Premium Calculation & its Application

With rapid changes we face challenges and opportunities in extending employee benefits:

Providing competitive employee benefits

The strive for talent is continuous and emerging markets have more hunger for specialized skills. The workforce diversity pushes the boundaries for personalization, creativity, use of technology along with flexibility in benefits. The multiracial spectrum of workforce and corporate social responsibility strategies are a few examples of approaches while designing employee benefit programs. With shorter life cycles for products and services, market practice and the right benchmarking exercise may not be the right tools if one wants to be pro-active and unique. Every organization faces the challenge of maximizing the benefits while keeping the financial balance – an everyday challenge. We not only help our clients acquire such benefits but also help them gauge where they stand in their respective industry. This helps our clients take the correct decision where the entire spectrum is on the horizon.

Cost control & risks

Inflation and medical/disability costs rapidly increase due to morbidity/mortality along with new procedures and technological advancement. Treatment costs by nature can be catastrophic and at times uninsurable. Both employees and providers equally face the challenge of making the right decision when it comes to healthcare. In addition, privacy regulations does not make it any easier to manage benefit programs. The need of the hour is to take that quantum leap approach to optimize benefits spend and determine future needs now – a total transformation in managing health care is the need of the hour.

Program delivery with simplicity

It is an everyday test for organizations to streamline HR administration. The digital age at present offers communication in a much more personalized and engaging manner and requires strategic deployment enabling HR to execute such initiatives.
We at Mercer provide a full spectrum of consulting, brokerage and solutions to improve healthcare, anticipate outcomes and design accessible, affordable and quality employee benefit programs.