Construction & Design

Staying competitive and viable amidst the challenges of the construction industry requires the ability to navigate a multitude of industry issues and risks. Marsh’s Construction Practice experts provide focused expertise to help businesses, address the complex issues confronting the construction industry today.

We understand the risks organizations face and the challenges they pose to maintaining financial stability, attracting and retaining employees, staying abreast of industry consolidation, managing insurance issues, planning for business continuity, handling supply chain risk, and the myriad additional risks inherent in construction.

Marsh’s Construction Practice provides risk management and insurance services to serve the needs of greater than a thousand construction clients, as well as more than 350 construction projects with total construction values exceeding $107 billion. Our industry expertise allows us to deliver the services and solutions that are relevant to the construction sector.

Our specialists understand construction and project management risks and help control your total cost of risk through solutions aimed at deploying your capital effectively. Managing costs and processes helps you decrease expenses, increase revenues, improve margins, and grow the overall value of your company’s assets and portfolio to make you more successful and competitive.

We provide clients with comprehensive and timely advice on the risks inherent in their businesses and projects. We deliver practical, innovative, capital-efficient solutions that generate yield and margin growth for our clients. We are supported by Marsh’s global network of specialists, delivering expertise in risk management and insurance placement to help clients identify, quantify, prevent, mitigate, control, and transfer risk.

Marsh takes a consultative approach to understanding each client’s operations, business and growth strategy, financial position and philosophy, and risk tolerance. This allows us to identify and prioritize physical, operational, and financial risks to help lower the cost of risk today — and to anticipate future risk issues.

Our experts design cutting-edge insurance programs to address corporate as well as project-specific risks. They examine each client’s unique circumstances and then deliver the optimal blend of insurance, alternative risk transfer, and retained risk to provide effective protection.